Nano Head – See The Thundering Half-Watt Of Tiny Tube Terror!

Guitarists take note. I just ran across this in a forum discussion and I’m both in love and blown away at the same time.

Imagine, a tube powered amp head that fits in the palm of your hand. Freaky. And, it has some very specific advantages for recording guitar tracks. Check out the pic below.

Nano in hand Nano Head   See The Thundering Half Watt Of Tiny Tube Terror!

The Zvex Nano Head

Here’s a short description from the manufaturer’s site:

“This little marvel is a one-half watt (distorted) powerhouse that will surprise you with its apparent volume. Plug it into a 4X12 (or any 8 to 16 ohm speaker) and listen to it roar! This amp is voiced to deliver classic rock tone, with a very high level of crunch available if it’s wanted. Just crank the volume knob around to the level of distortion you desire, from a very quiet (one tenth watt) clean mode to a micro-Marshall (TM) blast when cranked up.”

Let’s see it and hear it in action:

Here are the tracking benefits as explained by the manufacturer:

“The Nano Head eliminates many microphone problems instantly because it is at least 20 dB quieter than a 50 watt head, so that the volume levels coming from your speaker cabinet are very close to the levels that a loud singer can produce. The amp is capable of going into total saturation, struggling like crazy and sweating up a storm at this moderate volume, so no matter where you put the microphone it’s safe signal level that won’t overload your preamps or strain the microphone’s element.

“The result is a crystal-clear reproduction of the speaker’s sound. The other high-volume factors that can mess up your ears (there’s something called the Fletcher-Munson curves that change the way your ears hear things at high volumes) are much reduced, too, so the characteristic of the sound you hear in the room will be much closer to the recorded sound. The first time I put a mic in front of my Orange 4X12 with greenbacks while it was connected to a Nano Head, I was stunned at how accurately the recording matched the tone of the cabinet on playback, and was delighted that I could set the mic position while wearing headphones in the same room and find the exact spot I wanted to capture.”

So, big things DO come in small packages. simple smile Nano Head   See The Thundering Half Watt Of Tiny Tube Terror!

Street price: $499.00

For more info, audio demos, etc. click here to visit the Zvex Nano Head site.

And if you’d like 50 cool blues tracks to jam along with once you get your new Nano Head, click here.

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